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Week 1

So I'm well into the first week, cutting the grass so it no longer looks like a jungle. It's an ongoing job but we are getting there as I managed get the first lot of grass seed down yesterday. We've finally managed to get fresh water via the titan pump and Propur filters which is working well. I've now got electricity via a generator and I've also got a gas stove so I can finally cook something other than a Pot Noodle!

We've also got a mooring for the island with another two to follow which will make life so much easier to get on and off with bigger boats and materials etc. I had a slight problem the other day in that my outboard broke but happy to report it's all working again now. I've been spotting giant jelly fish around the island and yesterday saw my first seal. Oh and I decided my dogs aren't as clever as I first thought after trying to jump in the boat after me the other day, both missing it completely and ending up in the sea..still I don't think they will do that again. Today we are going to be clearing the second living room as it's been raining so grass cutting has to take a back seat. The next week should be exciting though with work hopefully due to start on the island.

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